/Bolt 2: Battle in City

Bolt 2: Battle in City Movie Trailer


Ten years after the first installment, Bolt, Mittens and Rhino celebrate Penny’s birthday at Penny’s House, but seven hours later, on the news, there was bad news of a dangerous war in the city on Dr. Calico leading to a group of Minions miscreants. Dr. Calico is building nuclear weapons and a more colossal, invincible, lethal and indestructible army (Mentioned by Super Rhino) to begin World War III. After the news, Bolt and the characters must return to the city and help the inhabitants of the city to stop the terrorist attack. Bolt needs a plan to win the war within five weeks of the start of World War III, but first Bolt needs Saul, Ted, Louis, Joey, Vinnie and Bobby to come together to fight the terrorists. Penny and her mother help Bolt save City and Bolt, and the gang meets with the Citytroopers, including Prissy and Drake and Madagascar, and accompanies them to stop Dr. Calico’s Third World War. Bolt and his gang discover new customs, worlds, and characters.

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David Schwimmer
John Travolta
Malcolm McDowell
Mark Walton
Miley Cyrus
Susie Essman